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Technology Staffing Recommendations
2013 - 2014
The Texas STaR Chart is a tool for planning and assessing School Technology and Readiness and is aligned to the Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology 2006 - 2020. Its purpose is to promote a minimum level of technology access and use in the state’s local education agencies and teacher preparation institutions. The chart lists criteria for identifying four levels of progress in twenty-two categories. Two categories included in the chart are Technical Support and Instructional Support. The accomplishment of the Longview ISD Technology Plan 2013 – 2016, the successful implementation of technology integration, and the use of technology district-wide rely on the support of educational and technical support staff. These individuals must serve in critical roles with diverse responsibilities. Educators who possess classroom experience are charged with assisting teachers within the context of the school day and leading professional development. Technicians are charged with the responsibility of setting up, maintaining and repairing equipment. It is the human infrastructure that will ensure how well the technology serves the students and staff of Longview ISD. The Technology Department recommends staffing positions as described below to ensure the successful implementation of technology in Longview ISD.


Position: Director of Technology

Staffing Recommendation - 1 Full-time position
  • Facilitates the district-wide implementation and maintenance of all technology.
  • Manages technical aspects of the district area data network.
  • Oversees installation and management of the wiring infrastructure.
  • Oversees maintenance and operation of district telephony resources.
  • Manages technical aspects of administrative and student service technological functions.
  • Oversees support, maintenance and installation of district technology hardware and software.
  • Approves district hardware purchases and maintains the supported technologies list.

Position: Secretary of Technology/Help Desk Coordinator

Staffing Recommendation - 1 Full-time position
  • Prepare correspondence, memorandums, forms, requisitions, and reports
  • Maintain departmental files
  • Answer phone calls,handle questions, problems and requests as appropriate, route to appropriate staff as needed
  • Perform basic computer hardware and software repairs
  • Manage special technology projects
  • Create and maintain electronic accounts

Position: Network Data Systems Analyst

Staffing Recommendation - 1 Full-time position
  • Maintain and monitor relevant server systems and applications
  • Respond to and resolve support questions related to the data operations
  • Provide system/application administration such as account management, security, and access authorization
  • Coordinate reporting for student, business and third-party applications
  • Assist in the development of new and/or revised administrative methods or policies

Position: Microcomputer Analyst

Staffing Recommendation
  • Centrally deployed
  • Minimum of 1 per 350 computers
  • Recommended by the Texas STaR Chart, Target Tech Level
  • Provides technical support for all district technologies.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs computer and network hardware.
  • Troubleshoots and resolves software issues for software on the district supported technologies list.
  • Troubleshoots and resolves basic network connectivity issues.
  • Specific additional assignments include:
  • Computer and network hardware inventory management
  • Network accounts support and management
  • Network operation systems support and management
  • Networked software support and management

Position: Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Staffing Recommendation - 1 Full-time position
  • Facilitate the effective use of computers and other technologies for instruction district-wide
  • Assist in the development of short- and long-range plans for technology integration
  • Coordinate the technology staff development program
  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures regarding technology issues
  • Assist with the purchase and distribution of hardware, software, peripherals, and supplies for instructional programs

Position: Instructional Technology Specialist

Staffing Recommendation
  • Dedicated campus-based
  • 1 per campus plus 1 for every 1000 students
  • Provide support for the integration of technology into the curriculum
  • Provide support for teachers to successfully implement the technology applications TEKS
  • Model teaching with technology in classrooms and labs
  • Provide staff development for technology, both for skill development and for technology integration
  • Provide district Help Desk support
  • Provide campus support for technical troubleshooting of hardware and software
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