Technology Replacement Plan

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Technology Replacement Plan
The technology replacement plan has been implemented to provide proper support for district computers. It defines a maximum ratio of technology devices to microcomputer analysts that allows for timely installations, maintenance and repair. These ratios are meant to be the maximum possible ratios. When the ratio is exceeded, new technology purchases must be replacements for older aging technology in an attempt to maintain or lower the ratio. When the replacement plan is in effect, the technology department will require the retiring device to be identified before implementing the new device. Campus and departmental plans should address the replacement plan if necessary when planning new technology purchases. All technology purchases regardless of funding source are subject to the replacement plan when it is in effect.

Replacement Ratio for Computers - 500:1

Current Ratio - 1100:1
Replacement Plan is in Effect

Replacement Ratio for Printers - 250:1

Current Ratio - 350:1
Replacement Plan is in Effect
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