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Supported Technologies
2013 - 2014

Technologies in the Longview Independent School District are categorized into five major categories: software, peripherals, computers, upgrades and networking.

A supported technology is a device or product that the Technology Department implements, configures, maintains and repairs. These products have already undergone extensive testing and review for compatibility and usability.

An unsupported technology is a technology that will not be implemented, configured, maintained, or repaired by the Technology Department. Unsupported technologies will be removed from service if they are barriers to the proper use of supported technologies.

Because a technology is supported does not mean that the technology is guaranteed to work in every situation. However, the Technology Department is prepared to make any feasible change necessary to make the product work in a given situation. Availability of training and fitness for a particular use are not implied for technologies on this list, nor is it implied that these products are the right solution for any particular need. The Technology Department will be happy to help you choose the right solution for your technical and instructional needs.

Supported software: Listed below are the various software titles supported by the technology department. This list is not the exclusive list of software used in the district. Other software may be installed (with approval); however, its compatibility is not ensured and the Technology Department will not troubleshoot the unsupported software. There are many other titles in use that are supported but not listed. These titles are part of a supported initiative. Support of software in other locations in the district does not imply or guarantee support in every instance.

Course specific software: Software used in conjunction with a particular class or course is generally installed, configured and maintained by the course instructor; however the Technology Department will assist the instructor with any technical needs.
Internet-related software:
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Flash Player
Apple QuickTime
Google Apps for Education
Ipswitch WS_FTP
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Media Player
Microsoft Outlook (Exchange Configuration Only)
Mozilla Firefox
Rasmussen Software’s Anzio & Anzio Lite
Van Dyke Technologies SecureCRT
Productivity software:
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
ExamView Pro
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Sharepoint Design
Microsoft Word
SMART Notebook
TechSmith SnagIt
The Learning Company’s Kid Pix

Supported Peripherals: Most peripherals are not supported by the technology department. Peripheral specifications change frequently. The Technology Department will be happy to help in the selection of a particular peripheral, however, the end user is responsible for its maintenance and repair.

Classroom Performance Systems:
SMART Response PE
SMART Response XE
Digital Cameras:
Current Sony digital cameras and camcorders
Pure Flip Video cameras>
Hewlett Packard networked workgroup class laserjet printers
Epson 410W
Epson 826W

Supported computers: Only those computers that are currently on the technology quote list are considered supported. These computers have been carefully chosen for their compatibility with our network and our commodity software. If you have a particular need not addressed by the current quote list, please contact the Technology Department. Any computer purchased without technology approval will be considered unsupported. The Technology Department will not be responsible for the configuration, installation, maintenance and repair of such a computer. Donated computers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. All donations of technology equipment should be reviewed by the Technology Department for usability and supportability.

Supported upgrades: Only Technology Department staff is authorized to make upgrades to the internal components of a computer. The Technology Department will only install the exact parts specified by the Technology Department. You must contact the Technology Department to obtain the specifications for your upgrade. An upgrade of a supported computer will be supported.

Supported networking: All data networking at all locations in the district is handled by the Technology Department. No device should be connected to the network without explicit permission from the technology department! Mini-switches, hubs, routers, wireless access points, or any other device made to allow more than one device to connect to a single district network port may not be used!

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