Using the Quick Grade Mode

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1. Open Smart Notebook
2. Click on the top menu bar Response > Create An Answer Key
Quick Mode

Note: If you select the Text question type, after typing in the correct answer, you click Add.

(Remember: Maximum # of questions is 40)

8. Once finished with selection of questions types and selection of answers, click the Create button in the bottom right hand corner.
9. This will create your full assessment in Smart.
10. Click on the Title page in the Page Sorter.
11. Click the Response Tab on the left hand side of your Smart Notebook screen.
12. Fill in the Assessment information and select the choice of Feedback to the students.
Quick Mode
13. Name the file assessmentname_p0 for the master. *(p for period; 0 for master)
14. Select File > Save As, navigate to the appropriate location for saving.
15. You have now completed creating your Quick Grade assessment.

If you need to double check your answers at this point before saving for other classes, click Response on the Menu Bar at the top of your window, select Set All Answers. Change any answers necessary and click Done at the bottom of the Set All Answers screen.

Note: If you teach multiple classes of the same subject, while the master assessment is open, you may want to save the assessment for each class.

Select File, Save As assessmentname_p1 for your first period class; then File, Save As assessmentname_p2 for your second period class; then File, Save As assessmentname_practice for your teacher test file.

This gives you a clean assessment for each period and a practice test if you want to experiment.

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