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== [[PhotoStory 3]] ==
== [[Photo Story 3]] ==
== [[Polyvision Eno Interactive Board]] ==
== [[Polyvision Eno Interactive Board]] ==

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Adobe Reader 10

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program installed on all LISD computers for viewing files saved with the .pdf extension. Programs like Skyward generate files that are .pdf files. In version 10 of Adobe Acrobat Reader a setting may need changing if there is a problem printing your .pdf files. Click on the link above to check out how to adjust this setting.


Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Complete the following steps to locate the Lame file for MP3 conversion. The steps below are not necessary for Windows XP. For Windows 7.


Classworks is a product of Curriculum Advantage, Inc. Longview ISD purchased the rights to use this product on multiple campuses.

Elmo Document Camera

Make a Video with your Elmo Document Camera

Epson 410W Projector

The Epson 410W is the data projector model mounted from a wall mount arm found in most LISD instructional classrooms. The projector presents the image of the computer, or other data source such as a VCR or DVD player connected to the wall face plate connections onto the whiteboard or pull-down screen.

Google Apps in Education

During the summer of 2012 Longview ISD implemented the Google Apps in Education, free resources from Google,  for all staff and students. LISD enabled Google Apps are: 

Google Chrome
Google Mail
Google Calendar
Google Contacts
Google Docs/Drive
Google Sites provides access to the state adopted Easy Tech curriculum. The EasyTech Texas lessons provide an easy solution for integrating technology into the core curriculum.

iCal Calendar

LISD web calendars provide an interactive event calendars. A web browser is all you need to view, add, or edit events, as well as administer your calendars.

Microsoft Office products


Network: Personal File Management

Qomo Interactive Tablet

PDF Creation (Primo PDF)

Primo PDF provides a quick and easy way to convert a document to PDF format.

Photo Story 3

Polyvision Eno Interactive Board

Teacher Web Page Creation

Professional Staff in Longview ISD will create and maintain a teacher web page.

Windows Internet Explorer

Windows Live Movie Maker

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